Sanspareils Greenlands , Meerut/India, has been dealing with J.S. Wright & Sons for nearly thirty years and we have shared a very good relationship with their management, and have found them to be a very reliable, quality conscious and service oriented partner. We wish them every success in future.–from Larter Anand, Director, Sanspareils Greenlands, India.

We at Newbery are one of the few manufacturers proudly still handcrafting their bats in the UK, and are dependent on the highest quality willow to continue our reputation of making some of the finest bats in the world. JS Wrights are our chosen supplier, whose cleft quality, customer service and support allows our craftsmen to make bats to perform at the very highest level.–from Neil Lenham, Director, John Newbery Ltd., UK

Barclays Bank PLC is proud to have been associated with JS Wright & Sons Ltd for over 25 years. This is a very well-run family business which contributes to the export business of this country and retains a commitment to the environment and conservation. –from Martin Ager, Barclays Bank Relationship Manager

With an experience of 3 decades of willow clefts buying; have no doubt in mind of saying that no brand or manufacturer can survive without supplies of JS Wright. A glorious service to cricket, and to the cricketers who made history with the timbers source and shaped up by JS Wright. –from Malik Sarfraz, Chief Executive MB Malik,

I have been using willow selected by Jeremy at J. S. Wright & Sons Ltd for about 20 years now. I have always found the service to be prompt and efficient. The grading is accurate against what is promised. If we have any different requirements J. S. Wright & Sons Ltd always listen and make every effort to help. Our business is a ‘niche’ hand making business custom making all our bats by hand from scratch which means we do have to be aware of what willow is coming through over the next year to plan what we are able to sell. J. S. Wright & Sons Ltd are very clear with what they can offer. –from James Laver at Laver and Wood, New

We have worked with the directors and team at JS Wright & Sons Ltd for many years and value our relationship with them which is based on Mutual Trust and Respect. The directors truly care about their business and not only doing the right thing, but doing things right –from Janis Osborne , Managing Director, Rickard Luckin Chartered

We have been in business with J. S. Wright since last 25 years. During this period they have sincerely looked after our particular requirements with regards to Grades / Qualities that we need from time to time. We feel honoured to be associated with them and look forward to maintain such cooperative and trustful relations for a very long time –from Zahid Javed, Director, C A Sports,

JS Wright & Sons Ltd. have played the key role in placing both the game of cricket itself and the cricket industry, as a whole, on the worldwide platform we all share today. Indeed, their commitment to the management of English Willow, as a sustainable resource, makes them worthy of a forest of accolades. Our trust in the company is well-placed. –from Mick Bellingham, Director, Bellingham and Smith, South

J.S.Wright are very reliable and provide us excellent service. They visit us every year to understand various issues for improvements in future supplies which is very helpful. –from Anurag Sondhi, Director, F.C.Sondhi,

Since my first trip to see Carlton Wright in 1986, my relationship with JS Wrights has been absolutely fundamental to Salix and my own batmaking.  As one of the last truly independent handmade cricket bat  manufacturers, we depend on the quality of grading, weight and service offered by Jeremy and Wrights.  Their role in protecting the industry and keeping English cricket bat willow at the heart of cricket is immeasuable. –from Andrew Kember, Managing Director, Salix Cricket Bat Company,