We sell other sports related products besides cricket bat blades, but only to the sports trade not the general public.

Trees Required

Standing or felled English Cricket Bat Willow trees purchased, everything arranged from felling to re-planting.

Tree Information

We have a continuing re-generation programme which is the best in the industry, each year approximately 3 times as many trees are planted than are cut down

“Our family farm has grown willow trees over 4 generations for JS Wright & Sons Ltd and we know the company to be reliable and fair. More recently we have planted tod beds from which the saplings are harvested, and we have worked with J S Wright & Sons Ltd to maximise the quality and productivity of this crop. Over the years we have built up good relationships with directors and staff of JS Wright & Sons Ltd and we have found them to be very professional. “

Jeremy Freeman

The Worlds Largest and Oldest Established Company supplying English Cricket Bat Willow